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City of Eagle Butte

City of Eagle Butte,
Eagle Butte South Dakota

P.O. Box 150
209 Main Street
Eagle Butte, SD 57625-1050
Phone: 605-964-8783 Fax: 605-964-8785
Answering System: 605-964-8784



To govern with foresight, diplomacy and intelligence and to provide quality and safe services that best meet the needs of the community for which we serve.



The City Council shall govern within the parameter provided by the state of South Dakota.  The City Council’s primary goal is to listen to the community and address the needs as expressed by the community or anticipated by the city council.  The vision for our community is to continually strive to maintain past and current improvements, provide new improvements and added services and finally ensure a safe, esthetically pleasing and ever a progressive community where our residents wish to remain and others are drawn into the community either on a permanent basis (new business and new families) or on a temporary basis (tourism, industry, shopping, education and services).